FIFA’s Headquarters

FIFA’s headquarters are located in the city of Zurich, Switzerland, and the FIFA headquarters were opened in this city as the third station to which the organization’s headquarters were relocated.

Initially, the International Football Association was headquartered in the French city of Paris, then moved the federation’s headquarters to the Dutch city of Amsterdam before moving to Zurich in 1932, where it still remains today.

A system contained in the Statutes of the League of Nations. Therefore, any change in the location of the association must be approved by senior management of the organization.

The reason for choosing the FIFA Headquarters

The International Football Association is not the first sports organization to have its headquarters in Switzerland. In 1915, after the turmoil of World War I, the International Olympic Committee chose Switzerland for its headquarters. Since then, sports bodies have strived to make Switzerland the home of many. There are currently 47 headquarters in various sports associations, the most important of which is FIFA.

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There are many reasons why Switzerland is a preferred location for sports organizations. For example, the geographic location of the country, the skilled workforce, the political stability and security the country enjoys, the important role played by the laws governing the country’s games. Attract these sports federations. If these companies are subject to a small percentage tax.

The International Federation of Football

FIFA is known by the acronym FIFA. It comes from the initials of the words of the French Federation of International Football Associations: (Fédération Internationale de Football Association).

The creation of this international federation comes after the sport of football has become so popular that there has been a marked increase in its international matches.

European football leaders see an urgent need to improve friendly relations between national and continental sports bodies, increase the popularity of the game and create an international federation to unite football under one roof.

I recognized, In May 1904, the football associations of Belgium, Denmark, France, Holland, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland met in the French capital, Paris, to announce the formation of the International Football Association (FIFA), headed by French journalist Robert Goren led the Federation for two years.

The association currently has 209 members. The largest and best sports organization in the world, the game’s popularity has grown significantly around the world since the formation of the federation. Statistics show that more than 150 million players officially play football, and federations organize various competitions, set the rules of matches, monitor player transfers, and establish referee rules and training. , and even sports medicine. We encourage the growth and development of the practice of athletes around the world.


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