What is the importance of sports?

Make a Friends

Sports help make friends. Friendships are fostered among people from different social backgrounds, and sports provide opportunities for meeting people. Loneliness makes life uninteresting, but sports promote social contact. A UK-conducted study shows a relationship between social interaction and health.

Well-socialized people are the healthiest and happiest people, and sport brings people together in ethnically, politically or religiously divided societies and strengthens social stability.

Disease prevention

Sports play an important role in preventing heart disease, diabetes, obesity and blood vessels. Many societies face these diseases that affect the nature of life, the U.S.

Department of Health and Human Services has shown that exercise prevents these diseases, and a 2001 Forberg study found that colon showed a strong association between cancer and the absence of colon cancer. Give exercise.

Improve Life

Sport can improve the lives of athletes who face physical problems, help people recover from heart attacks and strokes, reduce the effects of aging, maintain the integrity of the heart, and reduce chronic health problems. Protect people with health conditions.

Reducing the feeling of fear

Sports prevent fear. Those who practice Sports can turn fear into a positive experience. Jumping out of an airplane or jumping off a rope can be scary at first, but once you do these things and feel safe during practice, the fear will lessen and this feeling will gradually fade away.

Boost self-confidence

Practicing different sports builds confidence. It helps individuals overcome difficult challenges they face. Climbing a mountain is no easy task, but perseverance and challenge play a role in facilitating the difficulty. Achieving a very difficult physical task instills pride and pride in the individual, so it is difficult to overcome the challenge. Exercise is a great idea for those who can overcome it.

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