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spiderman collection movie download

spiderman collection movie download

spiderman collection movie download – Today we are explaining the film ”Spiderman no way home”

It is shown that everyone knows about Spiderman.

Everyone was considering spiderman responsible for all the deaths.

Many days passed and now the police arrive at his home.

Everyone was seeing Peter as a sinner.

He wasn’t getting any job or admission to any college.

He was worried.

His best friends were also facing all this.

They were also not getting admission to any college.

This was the reason and Peter reaches dr. Strange while thinking about all this.

He tells him because of me my friends are facing problems.

Everyone knows about my identity.

That I am spiderman.

My family is also in trouble.

Can you erase the memory of the people in the world considering me spiderman?

Another man arrives and tells him he is the supreme of this place

not Doctor Strange.

Because of spending five years in another universe, that man knew everything about the place.

He tries to stop dr. Strange.

He says don’t help him.

Dr. Strange knows spiderman helped him in saving the whole world.

Because of this, dr. Strange gets ready to support spiderman,

he takes him to the basement.

He does magic there. Dr. Strange says a spell to erase spiderman from the people’s memory.

Peter stops dr. Strange.

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He says if you will erase the memory of the whole universe

there are some people I don’t want them to forget me.

My friends and MJ are included in them I don’t want her to forget me.

But Dr. Strange was attentive to his magic.

He removes MJ’s name from the names.

Peter immediately stops Dr. Strange in between the magic.

He says my aunt is also most important.

Leave her as well.

When Dr. Strange removes his aunt from the magic meanwhile, Peter remembers someone else.

In this confusion, Dr. Strange also gets confused.

The magic goes wrong.

A piece was made in form of the magic.

It wants to end spiderman.

It comes to Peter.

he doesn’t know anything about it.

He just wanted to get his and his friends admission to college.

He goes to the college head firstly.

He discovers she is going out of the city.

He reaches her car.

He stops her car in the traffic and asks for help.

He says please don’t punish my friends because of me.

They were talking meanwhile, Dr. Otto Octavious arrives.

He has four sharp hands

Suddenly, he attacks spiderman.

There was a huge fight between them.

The spiderman couldn’t understand why the doctor is attacking him.

When spiderman wears the technology suit for his safety

some particles of his suit remain on the doctor’s hand.

This wasn’t enough meanwhile, the green Cobbler arrives

Dr. Strange arrives and locks Otto Octavious in a cage through his magic.

Spiderman was also in front of them.

They ask him who are they and why they come here?

Dr. Strange tells spiderman the magic you make me do

You make me confused in that magic.

The magic went wrong.

The enemies who know Peter is spiderman come into this universe.

Dr. Strange makes him understand and says do you know the concept of the multiverse?

He was talking about other dimensions.

Dr. Strange asks him whom you have seen there?

Peter tells there was another man wearing a green suit.

Dr. Strange tells him he has died many years ago.

How he has arrived here?

He gives his gadget to Spiderman.

He has done magic in it and says to Spiderman you have to bring your villains, here.

Later, I will send them back to their world.

Peter needs help in all this.

He brings Ned and MJ with him.

So they can help him.

They sit at the place that was a basement called the magic place.

They start doing their task.

it means to search for the villains coming from the multiverse

The people considering spiderman wrong had poured a liquid of green color on his clothes.

Spiderman’s clothes were looking dirty.

He wears the suit while turning it and moves on to his job.

Spiderman’s new suit is shown here.

It was of black color and was looking cool.

They reach the place where their enemies were.

Spiderman’s friend says there was a great hustle and bustle a few times ago.

Meanwhile, Electro arrives.

He attacks spiderman.

Sandman arrives for his help.

The Sandman asks Peter why are you fighting with him?

How did I come here? Peter says this is a long story.

Firstly, we have to control Electro.

The Sandman controls Electro firstly.

He controls Electro and locks him into Dr. Strange’s jail with spiderman.

Dr. Strange was also there he brings the lizard while imprisoning it.

The Green Cobbler was worried because of his double personality.

He breaks the mask for moving his villain personality far from him.

Now they reach Peter Parker’s house.

They reach his aunt.

Meanwhile, Peter arrives and tells them we will send you back to your universe.

They reach the magical place of Dr. Strange while taking them.

Here, the villains face each other.

Otto Octavius asks questions from them.

That you died many years ago then how do you remain alive?

They say yes, we have heard about you. While talking they discover

they come into this universe when they were dying.

It means they can lose their lives while returning back to their universe.

Now, these villains don’t want to go back to their universe and die.

Peter Parker’s aunt also makes him understand

that the huge powers come from the huge responsibilities

He doesn’t send them back in their universe while saying the spell of Dr. Strange.

This is the reason for the fight between Dr. Strange and spiderman.

Spiderman wasn’t less and understands this is geometrical maths.

I can defeat Dr. Strange if I will use it correctly.

That’s why he moves from there while taking Dr. Strange’s bag from him.

He leaves him in his world.

Dr. Strange wants to get his magical box from spiderman.

After returning, spiderman discovers Happy has a machine from which we can create anything

means we can make any gadget.

he reaches Happy’s home while taking all the villains.

He tries to repair the gadgets while making them.

Otto Octavius comes at number one.

There was a chip behind his head.

Spiderman repairs it.

With its help, he can control his powers.

After him, Spiderman repairs Electro.

He sets a device on him so the device will absorb all the electro power in him.

Like this, Electro will again turn into a human.

Meanwhile, the green Mask’s villain’s second personality removes everything.

He suddenly starts fighting with all of them.

All villains support him in this fight.

They say we have many powers.

None can control us.

They become together.

They start harming spiderman.

There is a heavy fight between them.

All villains were included in it.

One of the villains does a blast there.

Peter’s aunt also dies in it.

The situation was out of control here.

The villains have escaped and spiderman was alone.

His friends think if he is alone we should help him.

Spiderman’s friend gets the magical rings of Dr. Strange.

He does magic with the other hand, not with the magical hand.

Meanwhile, a portal opens and the second spiderman of this story appears.

MJ says this is not our spiderman.

You have called the wrong spiderman.

When he again makes his ring round.

Peter means spiderman arrives.

Both spidermen talk to each other.

They ask each other who are you and how did you come here?

They understand the multiverse concept.

They discover the villains have come into this universe together.

They also discover there is a third spiderman in this universe.

On him, all the villains have attacked.

They have to help him while going there.

From here, they reach the third spiderman.

The third spiderman says if we have to defeat them we have to consume their powers in a device.

Then we will send them back to their universe.

No matter they will remain alive or die.

This is their task.

Now they reach Happy’s house.

They find a machine that makes gadgets.

They make the power consumable device with it for their villains.

The scene comes where the three spidermen fight with their villains.

They were having a heavy fight with their villains.

After defeating all the villains now it was the turn of Green Cobbler

He was showing his normal personality to everyone.

The spiderman whose aunt was ended by him beats him a lot.

Meanwhile, the other spiderman comes and saves him.

He says he has the right to live,

Leave him but the villain also acts wisely here

he stabs a knife at the other spiderman.

The spiderman who has saved him.

The third spiderman comes and puts a dart in the human personality of this villain.

Then all the villains become humans.

When everyone turned into humans Dr. Strange enters.

Dr. Strange asks spiderman’s friend why he has locked him here?

He knew he was hanged for 12 hours in his universe.

Ned says spiderman is making everything fine.

Please don’t go there.

When he will make everything fine you can erase everything in your turn.

Here, they three become successful in their task.

They change all the villains into humans.

Now Dr. Strange removes everything from his magic.

He ends the villains back to their universes.

Peter says to Dr. Strange you can remove my memories from everyone’s mind if you want.

Dr. Strange says if I will do this your memories will erase in your nearby people.

None will recognize him.

Peter says to Dr. Strange if doing this can save the universe you have to do this.

After this, Dr. Strange removes the memories that Peter is a spiderman.

At the end of the movie, Peter’s friends are shown Ned and MJ who know Peter.

Now they don’t know him.

His memories are also erased from their minds about the good thing was

they got admission to the college. Peter goes to his aunt’s grave.

Happy meets Peter and asks him what are you doing here?

Peter tells him the reason was spiderman.

He says yes, spiderman was the reason.

The first post-credit scene of this story is shown related to this man.

He was talking to the tender while sitting in a bar.

Then he disappears from there with Dr. Strange’s magic.

Here the movie ends.


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