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Shazam Fury of the Gods Movie Summaries

Shazam Fury of the Gods Movie Summaries

The film opens at a grand museum, where two soldiers make their entrance.

In this museum, there was also a broken Shazam stick.

Both the soldiers come near this stick and break the glass and take it in their hands.

We come to know that they are not soldiers but the daughters of Atlas.

Atlas was a god and one of them is named Kalypso.

As soon as he picks up the stick, a lot of guards come there who were stopping them from doing this.

But as soon as Kalypso says something in the ears of a guard, he comes under his control.

After that, he says to the guard that the mantra that I have said in your ear, go and say it in the ears of the other guards.

And now as soon as he says that mantra to Kalypso in the ears of the other guards, all of them come under the control of Kalypso.

After this, the eldest daughter of Atlas turns all the people present there into stone statues with her magic.

The eldest daughter says that in this stick are the powers of the gods.

But some time ago, she gave all the powers of the gods to a man on the ground.

The powerful man, that is, the warrior must have this power, he must not be an ordinary man.

In fact, he must be the most powerful and intelligent man in the world.

So that’s why we all have to do it carefully.

After this, in the next scene, we see Billy, who is no one else but a warrior who is with his doctor at this time.

After which Billy goes straight to his house.

Here he is playing with his siblings by staying in his childlike form.

As soon as Billy’s attention goes to his brother, who was standing on the side and listening to something in the earphone.

As soon as Billy goes to him and puts an earphone in his ear, both brothers find out that a bridge in the city is breaking.

The news of which is going on everywhere.

So that’s why Billy decides that we should go there and help the people.

Immediately after that, they come out of the house.

As they meet and say Shazam together, they suddenly come in their superhero form.

And like heroes, they fly from here and go to the bridge to save the people.

Now the next moment we see that broken bridge, in the middle of which there were cracks.

And because of the weight of the cars, it was breaking.

The cracks had become so deep that now the bridge breaks into two parts.

As soon as this happens, all the cars standing there slowly start falling into the water.

First of all, they stop the cars from falling down.

And then they take them away from that bridge.

And in this way, they had to save the lives of all the people standing on the bridge.

But they were sorry that we could not save the broken bridge.

In front of their eyes, the whole bridge breaks, but no person’s life is lost.

That too only because of them.

After which all these siblings come to their house and go to a special place, which was actually their place.

This was the same place where Billy had found his Shazam powers.

Billy talks about how we have to deal with such problems in the future.

But no one was interested in his words, so all his siblings make an excuse and leave from there.

Now we see both the daughters of Atlas, who were in their fort in the world of the gods.

Where they had imprisoned Shazam in their captivity.

And now both of them had come to meet him.

They tell him that thousands of years ago you had taken away the powers of our dead Atlas.

But because our dead has died, now we will take back his powers.

We can only take back those powers through this bridge.

Because this bridge has so much power that it can take back all the powers from that warrior.

Hearing this, Shazam says that I will not let this happen.

Because I know that you will destroy their world, that is, the world of humans.

But both the daughters of Atlas ignore this and tell Shazam to join the bridge.

On which he clearly refuses.

Now using his powers, Clepsa also says a mantra in Shazam’s ears and makes him listen to her.

Then he holds his stick even though he does not want to and says Shazam loudly.

Then a lot of light shines and Shazam’s stick is attached.

But now as Atlas’s elder daughter tries to snatch that stick from Shazam,

now he tries to break his stick.

Because of which a small piece of his stick gets stuck in his nail.

Shazam’s brother was talking to the new girl who had come there in school.

She was also talking to Billy’s brother that two girls come there and start troubling him.

Seeing this, Billy’s brother starts making fun of those boys.

Seeing this, the girl is very happy.

Because of this, they became friends.

There Shazam gets into his nail, climbs up and takes out a small piece of the stick.

And orders him to go and find the warrior, that is, Billy.

Now Billy, who was also in the form of his Shazam, has gone to roam with Wonder Woman.

However, instead of seeing Wonder Woman’s face, he spots Shazam’s visage.

Shazam tells Billy that there was a wall between the world of these humans and the world of the gods.

A madman broke that wall and my stick is also not with me.

That’s why Atlas’s two daughters are coming into your world to snatch your powers from you.

They will also destroy your world.

That’s why you have to stop them somehow.

After coming home, Billy is at his place with his other brothers.

Where all of them are in the form of their superheroes.

They are now talking about Shazam’s message.

Billy tells that I don’t know anything about the two daughters of Atlas coming here.

Then his brother says that I can help you in this.

Then as he removes an idol and presses a button, a very big library opens up there.

Come inside and see that there are a lot of books there.

In all the books, there is a lot of information about the gods.

At the same time, he also sees a pen that he could write on his own.

Even if someone asked a question with a pen, he could answer it by writing it.

That’s why Billy and all his siblings come here and ask about both the daughters of Atlas with a pen.

From which they come to know that the stick from which Billy and his siblings have got the powers.

In that stick, Atlas himself had put his powers.

Not that Shazam had stolen it from him.

After that, Shazam got that stick.

This is how they get to know about the daughters of Atlas.

What are the powers inside them?

And also that Atlas has not only two but three daughters.

One is the eldest daughter, one is the third daughter.

As soon as Billy hears the name of the third daughter, he comes to know that the new friend of my brother in school is no one else but the third daughter of Atlas.

Because nowadays she is getting closer to my brother, so her life is also in danger.

This girl is also the third daughter of Atlas, that is, the sister of Kalypso.

But no one knows the truth about her.

So they start going to school quickly.

In school, Billy’s brother is sitting on the roof with Atlas’s daughter.

Then she tells him that I am a big fan of the Shazam family.

And if I had met anyone from that family, I would have been very happy.

Hearing this, Billy’s brother says that a member of the Shazam family is my friend.

He will come here now and you will meet him.

After which he goes behind the wall and comes in his superhero form.

And comes back and meets Atlas’s daughter.

Then both the daughters of Atlas also come here and take away all his powers from Billy’s brother.

Due to which he had now come in his human form.

And as soon as he tries to run away from here, then Atlas’s younger daughter turns the buildings upside down.

Due to which Billy’s brother gets stuck there and is unable to escape from there.

The next moment, Billy comes here with his other siblings.

And screams and tells his brother that don’t worry, we will save you.

But seeing them, Atlas’s elder daughter says that if any of you move from your place, I will kill your brother.

So because of this, now Billy and all his siblings live in their place.

After which Atlas’s elder daughter takes her sisters and Billy’s brother and starts flying from there.

Seeing them, Billy tries to go back.

But Atlas’s elder daughter with her powers makes a very big shield on this whole city.

So that Billy or any of his brothers and sisters cannot get out of this city.

And now all three sisters take Billy’s brother from there and come to their world, the world of the gods.

Then Billy and all his brothers and sisters come to their place and start talking about this.

That we will have to deal with Atlas’s daughters one by one, not together.

Then Billy tells that we will do this, we will catch one of Atlas’s daughters.

And then in return for robbing him, we will ask our brother.

Due to which our brother’s life will be saved.

So according to the plan, all these people go to the pen.

Billy tells him that I have to write a letter to Atlas’s elder daughter.

You write that I want to make a deal with you, but alone.

Atlas’s daughters had imprisoned Billy’s brother in the jail with Shazam.

When they meet each other, he tells that I am Billy’s brother.

Kalypso uses his powers and tries to control Billy’s brother’s mind.

So that he can ask his other brothers’ names and their address.

But Billy’s brother was much stronger than his mind.

So that’s why Kalypso doesn’t get any information from him.

Then he himself comes flying, which is caught by Atlas’s elder daughter.

After reading it, he finds out that the warrior, i.e. Billy, wants to make a deal with us.

On which she agrees that yes, I will go and make a deal with him.

But before going, she locks Shazam and Billy’s brother in jail again.

Along with that, he had left his very old and dangerous dragon with them.

As soon as he is about to eat them, Atlas’s younger daughter comes and saves them.

Then she calls them to her and says that now you can run away from here.

She also shows them the way to run away.

Now we see Billy, to whom Atlas’s elder daughter has come to make a deal.

She tells him that you have the power of our father, the power of the gods.

But you are not worthy of that power.

Then all the brothers of Billy come here and surround Atlas’s elder daughter from all sides.

So that he can imprison her.

But she has not come here alone.

In fact, she has also brought her sister Clepsa with her.

Who suddenly comes from behind and takes away one of Billy’s brother’s power from him.

Due to which he had come in human form.

As soon as this happens, Atlas’s elder daughter attacks Billy alone.

But Billy, along with his two siblings, attacks Atlas’s elder daughter and makes her unconscious.

Then he comes back to his house through a way with all his siblings and unconscious Atlas’s daughter.

She locks him in jail and says that now we will take our brother back in your place.

As soon as she says this, everyone leaves from there.

She was thinking that Atlas’s daughter cannot leave from here.

But she was wrong.

She goes straight from the jail to the library and picks up a black apple from there.

She picks up the apple and goes to all the magic doors.

And through one of them, she comes back to her god’s world.

When Billy and his other siblings find out that Atlas’s daughter has run away from there.

Then they understand that she must have run away from one of those magic doors.

So that’s why now she starts checking all the doors one by one.

In God’s world, Shazam comes to a door with Billy’s brother.

He quickly hides there.

He sees that Atlas’s elder daughter is coming from there.

She has that black apple in her hand that she stole from the library.

Shazam understands that it is very difficult to stop Atlas’s daughters now.

That’s why he tells Billy’s brother that we will have to get this black apple back from them somehow.

Now Atlas’s three daughters gather at one place and start talking.

The elder daughter shows them the apple in black, which was actually golden.

Now here we know that this apple is actually the apple of God’s world, which used to grow here thousands of years ago.

Until this apple tree kept growing here, God’s world was very beautiful and there was a lot of happiness in this world.

But now that this apple tree is not here, there is nothing like that here.

Now here Atlas’s elder and younger daughter were talking to each other that now that this apple has come to us again.

So we will grow it here in God’s world so that the world looks beautiful again and happiness spreads here.

But at that time, by refuting their words, their sister Kalypso says that listen sisters, our world has been destroyed and the reason for this destruction is humans.

So we will grow this apple not here but in the world of humans.

Hearing this, Atlas’s younger daughter says that this fruit is of our God’s world.

If we plant it in the world of humans, then the whole world will be destroyed and all humans will be destroyed.

So please sister, don’t do this.

The three sisters were talking while keeping this apple on the table.

Taking advantage of this, Billy’s brother comes there and quietly takes the apple from there.

But then due to haste, the same voice is born.

Atlas’s three daughters had seen him and immediately caught him.

But before he does anything with him, Billy comes here.

He picks up Shazam’s bangles and gives them back to his brother.

But Atlas’s daughter again steals those bangles from him.

But now here Shazam, Billy and his brother run away with the apple.

Now by doing this, Kalypso is successful in making his sisters understand that humans are always deceitful and selfish.

They have always been deceiving the Gods.

And now the time has come to take revenge on them, to teach them a lesson.

Hearing this, his elder sister was also angry.

So to take her revenge, she wakes up the dragon.

Then Kalypso sits on it and goes after Billy and his brother.

She enters their house, breaks their whole house through the dragon and leaves their house.

Now taking that apple in her hand, Billy’s sister starts flying away from there.

But Kalypso, who was riding on her dragon, was chasing the apple.

Then Billy comes to all his sisters and takes away their powers from them.

And in the end, Billy’s sister, who had the apple, also takes away his powers and gets the apple.

So now Billy is left alone here, who had his powers.

As soon as the apple is found, Kalypso comes to a stadium and buries it there.

After which, a very big tree comes out of the place of the apple.

Whose branches spread throughout the city.

All those eggs were also coming out of the branches.

And monsters were coming out of them by breaking the eggs.

Which looked very big and dangerous.

As soon as they come out of the eggs, they attack humans there.

Now all this destruction was seen by Billy with his family and Shazam.

Gangakar then tells Shazam that I am not worthy of the powers you have given me.

So please take back all those powers.

On which Shazam says that I have spent thousands of years in search of such a person whose heart is true.

And Shazam, you are such a person whose heart is pure and true.

You are worthy of these powers.

And in the right sense, you are worthy of them.

So go, recognize your powers, use them, and somehow stop the daughters of Atlas.

Hearing this, Billy flies straight from there and goes to stop the daughters of Atlas.

But then, the younger daughter of Atlas also arrives at the scene.

Which tells that I am going to stop my sister Kalypso.

Because I don’t want this world of humans to be destroyed.

She then comes to her two sisters and starts talking to them.

Now after that, the elder daughter of Atlas agrees, but Kalypso does not agree.

Because she was just seeing destruction.

To take revenge, she had become so blind that by giving the order to the dragon,

she puts the tail of the dragon in her elder sister’s stomach.

Due to which her elder sister was badly injured.

After doing this, Kalypso also takes away the powers of her younger sister from her.

Due to which now the younger daughter of Atlas is nothing but a common man.

Now Billy flies and comes to Kalypso.

He starts fighting with him and his dragon.

But as soon as Billy uses his power of light, he sees that Shazam’s stick is absorbing all my power of light.

Due to which he understands that if I put a lot of my power of light in Shazam’s stick,

that is, if I charge it more than this limit, it will burst.

And if this stick bursts once, then I can defeat Kalypso through it.

Shazam gathers all the sisters and brothers of Billy in one place.

He explains that all these monsters are afraid of only one animal.

And that is a unicorn, a creature like a horse.

After which he brings a lot of unicorns there and starts trying to stop all the monsters.

After which Billy flies and goes straight to the elder son of Atlas.

And he says that I have an idea.

I can stop your sister Kalypso.

But yes, you will have to help me in this work.

You will have to support me when the right time comes.

On which she agrees.

And Kalypso sits on her dragon and comes straight to her younger sister.

With whom Billy’s brother was also there.

Before the dragon eats them both, Billy comes here.

Kalypso snatches Shazam’s stick and puts it behind him.

And takes him straight to the tree that Kalypso had grown through the apple.

And then Billy comes there and tells the elder daughter of Atlas that yes, now.

After hearing this, the elder daughter of Atlas and the shield that she had made starts to shrink.

Which was now so small that it was just covering the stadium.

In which all the dragons, ants and trees are there.

Now Billy’s whole family comes here and tells him that you should not stay here alone.

Run away from here quickly.

Then Billy says that no, I can only stop all this and I will stop it.

After which Billy and Kalypso have a very fierce fight in that shield.

In which Kalypso’s dragon attacks the cat many times.

The light that the cat keeps absorbing into Shazam’s stick again and again.

And then when all that light comes into that stick.

Then somehow the cat brings the dragon near the tree.

While keeping the stick on it, Shazam falls hard.

As soon as he says this, a lot of light falls on the cat.

By which Shazam’s stick bursts there.

Along with which Kalypso, his dragon and the tree he had grown, also get blasted.

By which everything ends here.

Because Atlas’s elder daughter was also very injured.

After some time she also dies.

That’s why the shield she made was also finished from there.

After all this is over, Billy’s family comes to him and tries to pick him up.

Then they find out that Billy is also dead.

Because while stopping Kalypso, he also lost his life.

After which Billy’s family goes to the world of gods with Shazam and Atlas’s younger daughter.

And buries Billy there.

Coming here, Shazam tells that Billy could have been revived from this stick.

But all the powers of this stick are over.

And now the power of this stick will only awaken when a god or goddess will get it in her hands.

As soon as Shazam’s story ends, Wonder Woman comes there.

She takes her stick in her hand and hits it hard on the ground.

As soon as she did this, the power of the stick came back.

And Billy was also revived again.

He is very happy to be alive again.

After this, Billy thanks Wonder Woman for saving his life.

And says, will you come with me to roam outside?

After hearing this, she says, pay attention to saving the world, not on all three things.

After saying so much, she leaves from there.

Along with Billy, all his siblings also got their powers back.

And she came home.

He was very happy.

After that, Shazam comes to meet him the next day.

Who had cut his beard and hair.

He says that now I am going far away from here with my stick.

Because I want to prevent a repeat of the same chaos.

With which this film ends here.



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